A Tourist's Walk In Katsura Garden

This limited-edition five scroll set was printed on paper made in the Awagami factory using mulberry and hemp fibers in the tradition of Japanese washi. The scrolls were wrapped on stained maple dowels. The custom made waxed cedar box that houses the scrolls were handcrafted by Dallas woodworker Harvey Phillips. The piece was produced in an edition of nine copies with three artist proofs.

The collection was printed, crafted, and assembled in our studio using the Epson 9880 printer with Epson K - 3 inks with Vivid Magenta on Moenkopi Unryu 55. The adhesives used were Bienfang Color Mount and PVA glue.

Printed 2013
Component sizes

Box: 11 3/16"h x 11 5/8"w x 2 5/8"d

Scroll 1: 10" x 108 1/2"

Scroll 2: 10" x 61"

Scroll 3: 10" x 109"

Scroll 4: 10" x 103"

Scroll 5: 10" x 130 1/4"

Dowels: 10 15/16"w x 1 3/16"d

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A Tourist's Walk In Katsura Garden
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