Some thought on the Ephemeral Moments series:

The work explores the ephemeral nature of moments in time. The basic elements of light, water, mist, smoke and fire are combined to create mysterious landscapes. These form uncertain, and perhaps uncomfortable, places that in a sense mirror our world of conflict, stress, and upheaval. Throughout these photographs, figurative elements excite discovery and speculation. Undetermined depths and vistas invite investigation. The work is grounded in the moment in time and the excitement, uncertainty and beauty of the unexpected.

Ephemeral Moments as a series evolved out of observations and experiences encountered in my landscape photography. Waterfalls, when photographed, revealed the dynamic variations of light and water patterns. Photographing early morning mists shrouded then revealed space between trees and water. Minutes later an entirely new space emerges redefined. It is important to be still in the land so quiet events are recognized. The rising sun in a mist-covered lake provided the unexpected discovery of the sun burning through the mist and then reflected in the water framed by water plants. Throughout my experiences in the land, the unpredictable was the constant. These encounters formed the foundation for the Ephemeral Moments series.

During the early part of my career I was a theatrical lighting and set designer. The early lighting work was for theater and experimental dance. Sets were created as sculpture for the interaction of the dancers and actors. These experiences have had a huge influence on my landscape photographs. Light shapes and reveals form. The infinite qualities of light impacts our emotional response to a place or situation. The mysterious grips our heart by what is not revealed. The unexpected is created by unlikely combinations of the familiar. Gesture is illuminated and defined by the magic of light. Being quiet allows the poetry to be felt, observed and understood. Ephemeral Moments utilizes these discoveries to create photographic landscapes of the mind.

Ephemeral Moments Limited Edition Artist's Book