"Photographs" is published in conjunction with three exhibitions.  The curators selected work spanning 20 years around a "mist" theme.  The "Exhibition Photographs" section provides thumb nails of the images used in the exhibitions.  The prints are gelatin silver with the exception of 3 pigment prints.  The artist book "Sunrise Eagle Nest Lake" was presented in a display case as a part of the exhibitions.

Statement from the catalogue:

The photographs in these exhibitions are made in the moments before sunrise - or just after.  I am drawn to the edges of ponds, lakes, and streams when the warm water interacts with cool morning air.  This condition produces wispy mist, rising fog, or sometimes a blanket of fog.  Atmospheric forms evolve in unexpected ways from quiet movements in the air.  The tonal range is continuous, with even transitions from the very lightest areas to those of greatest contrast.  The light is quiet, and the mist and fog add a comforting presence.  As the sun begins to burn, the unexpected is revealed.  The tempo of excitement is increased by the unfolding drama of ethereal dancing forms.  One is a spectator in a theater of surprise and wonder.  This is where I find poetry and magic in the land.  I am drawn to experiences that give harmony to an inner life.